div height in IE

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I have a structure like this in the page:

<div style="position:relative;width:164px;height:48px;">
     <img src="..">

Now, when I load this in NS-compatible browser, everything is fine and
the outer div's height is 48px. However, when I load this in IE(6), the
second inner div causes the outer div to increase height (I suspect by
48px). The whole thing is in a table cell, thus causing it to grow
vertically and adding blank space (actually, I have a third div in there
and it's height is 120px, so the change is quite noticable). Anyone
knows how to fix this thing?

PS: I try to follow closely w3c and I've noticed that whatever I try in
NS-compatible browsers works just fine, as it is supposed to work
according to w3c, and IE often screws things up.. The last addition to
my "know-why"'s is that when linking external javascripts, apparently I
*need* to separately close the tag (i.e., <script... src=...></script>),
whereas <script... src=.../> should work just fine. Spent about 20
minutes trying to figure out what's wrong with the page - no errors or
anything, just a blank page.


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