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Ok, since IFRAME didn't work for me.. I'm back to trying to use DIV.

What I have been trying to do is use DIV to force output to scroll if it
exceeds the given height and width of the TD that contains the DIV. The
TD is 50% of the screen in both height and width and I tried using
overflow: scroll for the DIV tag but the output is still pushing the
size of the TD beyond what I had it set for (and the scroll bar for the
DIV tag still appears as it's supposed to with its overflow setting). Is
it possible to force DIV to not push the height and width settings for
the TD?


wombat wrote:
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Maybe you should be using a table to begin with. Does the table cells
have padding, borders? Table have borders collapsed? Who knows what your
problem is since we have no evidence.

Take care,



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Setting height and width on the DIV (and overflow: scroll) should do it.

But you need to set them to actual values, not percentages, which is not
what you want.

I don't see why percentages shouldn't work (after all the dimensions of
the containing block are resolvable), but they don't in Opera, Firefox or

The other option is not to use a <td>, what's the context?


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Yes, the dimensions of the containing block are resolvable, but who
should resolve it? You or the browser?

The initial value for the height property is auto. For most containing
blocks this means 0.


What auto means for the initial containing block is also specified.

"The height of the initial containing block may be specified with the
'height' property for the root element. If this property has the value
'auto', the containing block height will grow to accommodate the
document's content."


And since the height property is auto for "all elements but non-
replaced inline elements, table columns, and column groups", that
means that Opera, Firefox and Konqueror does what you could expect.

Just specify the height of the initial containing block and any
subsequent containing blocks:

html, body, ... { height: 100% }


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You right, I was overlooking the fact that the body's height is auto.

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Exactly, and this confirms what's going on.


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Yep I tried all that, everything down to the BODY I had set to 100%
except for the containing TD which was set at 50% (there was a TD below
it at 50%), and the DIV in the upper TD was set at 100%.. still it
pushed the cel below it and beyond the bottom of the browser. I've since
switched to using frames. Not what I wanted, but have to defeat this
monster. Thanks.

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