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The layout of my new page design is quite nice, but it relies heavily
on tables to support it's rather complicated structure.  It's not so
much the clarity that worries me - I've labeled everything nicely and
am gonna CSS it thoroughly once fully finished.

In terms of not 'dulling' and repelling incoming spiders by having them
search through miles of structure before they get to the actual meat, I
want shrink my page as much as possible.  Would iframes be the best way
to do this?: move certain sections of the main page, into subpages, and
then iframe those subpages into the main?

Thank you

Re: distributing HTML code

"page design is quite nice"

slightly new at relatively-qualtiy web design, so puffing in my wings a
little to help me...not proudish-talk

Re: distributing HTML code

 ActionNotMotion@gmail.com wrote:

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Hi Action,
I doubt that spiders are going to be put off by the quantity of HTML
tags in your code. You might, however, want to make your pages
lightweight for the users who have to download them, also for your own
maintenance sanity.

Google has some guidelines for Webmasters, and in the basic principles
they say, "Make pages for users, not for search engines". They also
mention frames as something to be a little wary of (but it's a mild
admonition) and they encourage you to use correct HTML. It's worth a
read, and I imagine that if other search engines published guidelines,
they'd read similarly.



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Re: distributing HTML code

ActionNotMotion@gmail.com wrote:
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One effect way to make your pages lighter weight is dump the tables for
layout and restrict the HTML to markup and put your stying in a common
stylesheet. Deprecated presentational markup can really balloon the code
because of the repetitive declarations that must be made to style each
cell! My sites tend to be very complicated in "styling" and it can be
done with CSS.

Take care,

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