displaying html content based upon Client Side image map coordinates

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I have a class reunion group photo that I want to add a mouseOver or
mouseClick effect to that will display the persons name and other images
associated with them, near the mouse-over.

There are about 80 or so people in the photo.

I know how to create a client side image map. That is not the need. The need
is to associate each mapped area to HTML content that can be shown/hidden
with js code: MouseOver or OnClick on each map <area  name= line.

I am a cut-n-paste level JS user. So, I will need something to follow in
that same method.

Where might I find something like this?

Most of the js scripting that I have seen is dealing with the dsiplay of
IMAGES, not HTML content.

Is there a JS out there that will do this?

Re: displaying html content based upon Client Side image map coordinates

An idea for you:
http://www.boutell.com/mapedit /

I had no complaints in my simple usage of this program.
My usage was to define many areas so that something
distinct would show upon the user mousing over each
different area.  The program allows you to efficiently
draw (with the mouse) all the distinct areas that you
are interested in and to attach the associated behaviour.

This will allow you to include the showing of HTML elements
that you have already defined by setting javascript
when you mouse over a particular area to do something like
document.getElementById('yourElement').style.display = "";
(and don't forget to undo the effect when the mouse leaves).

Csaba Gabor from Vienna

RF Rohrer wrote:
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