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I'm attempting to display an umlaut in a meta tag like:

<META name="content" Content="hällo">

But all I get when the page is displayed in the browser is:

<META name="content" Content="h?llo">

Is there somekind of escape character I can use to get the umlaut to appear
correctly?  I tried using &auml; ,for example, but this does not work.

Thanks in advance,

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Re: Display Umlaut in meta tag

Steven wrote:
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What browser?  META tags aren't usually displayed by browsers (they're=20
meta-information, not part of the regular page content), except in=20
special contexts like "View Source" or "View Page Info", etc.

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What "charset" parameter is your server sending with the page, to=20
indicate what character encoding is in use?  The raw 8-bit character=20
won't necessarily display correctly if the charset parameter is missing=20
or incorrect.  The entity reference (&auml;) or a numeric &#___;=20
reference ought to work at any rate, but some browsers have bugs.  Is=20
this in Netscape 4 or some other such archaic browser?

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