display: table-cell and IE

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I'm so sick of IE.  display: table-cell is just too useful not to have.

I was thinking of using php to deliver different code to IE... sending
display: table-cell in the css for non-IE browsers, or wrapping the
appropriate markup inside table markup for IE.  Everything else will get
nice, semantic table-free markup.  I realise that browser sniffing is not
100% reliable, but all that that means is that in a few very rare exceptions
a compliant browser will be handed table markup instead of semantic
markup -- the page will still look the same, it will still work, and it will
still validate.


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Re: display: table-cell and IE

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Maybe. What would you use it for? Maybe there's a different approach.
Sometimes display: inline-block does what you want.

If display: table-cell is essentially, maybe your data structure actually
_is_ a table. I've seen that. People "get rid of tables", the rebuild the
tables in CSS, without realizing they had _data_ tables, not layout tables.

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