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I'm putting together a simple site (see address below) using PVII's
Fabrizio template and the only computer it doesn't display properly on
is the customer's. They are using Win98 with IE6. Instead of the menu on
the left, it shows up down at the bottom right of the maincontent.

If there's not something wrong with the code, I wonder if it could be
that the customer insists on setting their 19 inch monitor to 800 x 600

http://www.hullars.com /

Any thoughts or help would be greatly appreciated.


Re: Display problem with PVII template

*Larry Webb* wrote:
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I see the same effect at 1280x1024 with very large fonts. #sidebar and
#maincontent are both floated right, as such they'll only sit
side-by-side if the container they lie within has sufficient width. When
the text size is increased the width of #sidebar can increase too, when
this happens the two blocks can no longer fit in the container and one
drops below the other. Setting .navbar{padding-left: 0;} gives some more
space for the user to increase their font-size without the layout
collapsing, but it will break again if the font size is increased even
further. Placing a space either side of the forward slash in
'Party/Banquet Room' would mean that the user would need to set an even
larger font-size before the problem appeared. This may be enough to
pacify your client. Allowing the layout to scale in proportion to the
font would be one way of tackling the problem, but would require a
significant template re-write.

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Re: Display problem with PVII template


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Not anymore.

That has nothing to do with it - IE6 just is doing it that way.

You've got #sidebar floated right. Despite your careful calculation, it's
too wide.

Here's how to fix it.

1) After the #sidebar declarations, add:

html>body #sidebar {width: 162px;}

This will make sure non-IE browsers will see the right thing when we
change it above.

2) Gradually reduce the width in the original #sidebar declaration till it

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