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I have written a table of links.  Each table entry is as:
<TD BGCOLOR=ff0066><FONT SIZE="2" FACE="FeldFat">
<A HREF="Nglo.htm">GRAPHS</A></FONT></TD>

When I click on a link then return to this page and its table the text
has disappeared.
If I press the right mouse button and hold it the text reappears until I
move the mouse pointer away without releasing the button.
I don't recall this problem in my past so any help is appreciated.


Re: Disappearing text

Quoted text here. Click to load it

Cool, 1990s retro coding.

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You're using IE, right?
When you return to a page the link is still in its active state. So it
will use whatever colour is specified in the CSS :active style or in
the HTML alink attribute. If nothing has been specified then it will
use the browser default.

The browser default in IE is red. Your table background is pinky-red.

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You're moving focus away from the link and hence taking it out of its
active state.

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Ever used red backgrounds before?


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