Disappearing event handlers

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I have a table with click and dblclick handlers on each row. This works
well enough and on clicking or double-clicking the row, the expected
action takes place.

For the last version or two of Safari (I'm at 7.1.5 now), I'm observing
that for some rows, clicking/double-clicking has no effect. Using the
web inspector I found that the rows in question indeed have no
click/dblclick handlers.

Historically, I added the handlers by something like:

  rowPtr.onclick = myclickhandler;

but more recently I changed this to:

  rowPtr.addEventHandler ("click", myclickhandler, true);

either way the problem persists. The handlers are added as part of the
process of adding the row to the table.

With the earlier method of adding handlers I was able run some code on
a one-second timer to inspect the handlers for each row, write to the
console if the handlers were missing, and reinstate them. What I found
was that handlers were going AWOL at random, sometimes not at all for a
day or two, and then several at a time, perhaps repeatedly for a number
of seconds. This approach to debugging is unfortunately not possible
when using addEventHandler().

I'm minded to think of this as a Safari bug, as IIRC it seemed to start
after I'd updated to a newer version. Any suggestions as to how to look
deeper or debug more appreciated. I've tried getEventHandlers() in the
console but that's not told me a lot.

Only other (possibly) salient point is that for the most part the table
won't be part of the DOM (e.g. when rows are being added). I keep an
array of pointers to table bodies, and just switch in the one the user
wants to look at.

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