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Is there anyway avoiding users to save my web pages?
this idea came to my mind when I tried to save a web page, but in the
middle of saving progress something like the following error occurred:
"unable to save the page...".

on the other hand, once, I saved a web page successfully, but when I
opened it the characters were completely unreadable. unfortunately I
can't remember the url now but if you know any way to restrict users,
please let me know. (by the way, I'm not looking for javascripts to
disable right click or so).

Thanks in advance for your help...


Re: Disabling save as...

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IIRC, if your browser will not let you have a page, it's because of some
problem in the cache, like it's full.  I suspect that is what may have
happened to you.

There is no way to keep users from saving the page.  It's already in
their cache, so it's already saved.

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Re: Disabling save as...

Hector wrote:
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  What browser? What OS? Which versions?
  Depends on the above info... However, it sounds like a local setup or
system configuration problem.
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  And the short answer is, No, you cannot effectively disable Save As.

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Re: Disabling save as...

Le Sat, 22 Jul 2006 10:40:59 -0700, Jim Moe a écrit :

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Just open the menu Edit/View/whatsoever and "Show the source".


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