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Maybe this is only alowed via a  hack, i'm not 100% sure.
Anyway, here's my issue.

I had an issue where someone "borrowed" some content from my site, and
was displaying it as theirs.
(ie. some of my photography.)
I don't mind displaying photography, but this person decided to put it
in their gallery.. with no link to me.

I asked them take it down, but I want to make sure they didn't just
move it to another folder instead.
Is there any way I can see the available directories on a site without
having links?
I've used apps like SiteSucker, etc before.. but they will only work
backwards out of a directory.

This isn't a huge deal.. but I just wanted to make sure :)

Any help??


Re: directory listing

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No. The only way to discover directories is through links.

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I suppose you could try Google-- search for the filenames you're
bothered about. If there are links to them and if anything will find
them it's Google.

If the pictures are available on the server but noone knows the urls and
they aren't linked from anywhere then noone else will be able to find
them either.

Re: directory listing

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Unlikely if you do not know the directory. Unless, as Ben says,
it comes up in searches. But here is another strategy. Contact
the chap and say you have rethought the matter and you are
impressed that he likes your photos and would he like more and he
does not need to acknowledge you in any way... It will pray on
him and he will eventually go overboard in promoting and
acknowledging you and you will become rich and famous and can
afford to bring in the lawyers (goers like Danny De Vitto).


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