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In the web page-directory /

you can arrange the included PDFs according to name, last modified,
size, and description (none included). The code to the links that
produce these results is this:

<a href="?C=N;O=D">Name</a>
<a href="?C=M;O=A">Last modified</a>
<a href="?C=S;O=A">Size</a>
<a href="?C=D;O=A">Description</a>

Where can I find information on this kind of code?

Can I include a column with the title?

How can I replace the Date Created column with a Date Modified one?

How can the Description be used?

I don't see a Description column when I open a directory of my computer;
but then when I check the code, it's isn't, of course, a webpage.

And how such a webpage is created? It seems it is created automatically
from the contents of the directory.



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Re: Directory listing

Eustace wrote:
Quoted text here. Click to load it

This is a function of the Apache server software running the Web site.
If the directive Options +Indexes is in either the httpd.conf or the
htaccess file, viewing of the folder's directory is permitted.  Various
formatting is available via the IndexOptions directive if you have
access to either of those files on your server.

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