Different behaviour of IE and Gecko

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Not really a new post - tried before on the 10/01/06 - hope I'm not breaking
any of the rules.
I thought I would put a line of code into the page above to outline the
tables in white as below:

  border: 2px solid rgb(255,255,255);

This works as expected in IE6 and Opera 8.51 but in Mozilla 1.7.12 and
Firefox 1.5 the white outline of the tables is a rectangular box under each
caption. Rarely does Opera agree with IE6 and disagree with gecko browsers -
why is Mozilla and Firefox having a hard time with this extra line of code.
Also, why do you have two inline instructions as the line below
html>body table { display:inline-table; }
does the same thing as the next to last line in the table block rule doesn't
it? Is this child selector thingy only recognised by certain browsers?
thanks in advance for any help you might offer
just on a learning exercise
One last question, why does having the images in a table centre them

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