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Hi all,

Once again, not entirely sure whether this is the ideal forum for this...

I am looking for a DHTML menu component that will work nicely for my site. I
need icons, and infinite skin customisability.

Something like the PHPLayersManu component would be nice, although it would
be better for me to be able to simply include/link one or two files and be
done with. I really don't want a lot of messy stuff in my pages.

Freeware would be nice too :)

Any suggestions?



Re: DHTML Menu component

David Russell wrote:

Quoted text here. Click to load it

You would be better of specifying what features you need then the technology
you wish you use - especially when said technology is a buzzword that means
different things depending on who you ask.

Anyway, menu with icons that can be customised:

<ul class="menu">

  <li><a href="link.html"><img src="icon.png" width="5" height="5"

  <li><a href="file.html"><img src="picy.png" width="5" height="5"

  <li><a href="misc.html"><img src="imge.png" width="5" height="5"


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