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I apologize if this is not the correct group, but because of my question, I
thought it best to post in a general one.

I'm interested in creating a site that I suppose would closely resemble the
setup of a dating site.  Lavalife, Campuskiss, etc.  What programming
language(s) should I be considering when doing this?  I know I have several
options...asp, php, etc., but would one be better suited for my needs in
this case then another?

Thanks for your help.

Re: Development Question

Dave "IT" wrote:
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big questions, and you'll need at least THREE languages;

One server-side language - either ASP, PHP, JSP... doesn't REALLY
matter. Whichever you are most comfortable programming in, and of course
whichever one your host supports. On top of this you will of course need
  a database, and you'll need to learn SQL regardless of what database
platform you choose. Finally, for basic form validation on the client
side, you'll need to learn JavaScript or you'll end up with way to many
server fetches.

Pretty much all of the above is required, and I'd suggest a few more
that will make life easier: you data should be managed in XML, and make
sure your site is put together using CSS.


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Re: Development Question

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why not download some free applications instead of reinventing the wheel -
try searching or for
dating site scripts - then just learn enough to tweak the templates and
there you go!


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