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I know I'm about to be slammed. I get slammed every time I post
something on here.

But I just do not know how to use DIV's, or maybe this particular
problem doesn't require DIV's.

I'm building a website that, right now, has MANY buttons on it. I made
these buttons in Photoshop.

The buttons have an icon to the left and then text to the right of
that icon.

I'd rather just make that graphic smaller, just crop out the icon and
use html text as the text.

But I can't for the life of me figure out how to replicate in html,
what I was able to do in photoshop. I'm not worried about using the
same fonts, I just want the text positioned the same.

Here is the page: /

You'll see six buttons in the middle of the page, these I want to
switch to html text. I was able to make the smaller buttons, in the
outer two columns this way, by just using the small image icon and the
text is html.

Granted these buttons are only 4k, which doesn't make for terrible
download times, but I just want to get away from using text in
graphics when I should be using html text.

The buttons below those six buttons have two text styles, BOLD BLUE,
and then underneath, just plain text.

And beware, this site is made with tables. Thanks

Re: Desperate help needed

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Well, you can use the <input> or <button> element in a form, -the text
of said buttons being the "value" attribute.  However, I know styling
both the button and the text as you want can be a real challenge.  This
is basically because the forefathers and -mothers of html were nerds
who thought they knew what you wanted better than you know what you
want, but, anyway, it is rationalizationable, so live with it.

Neredbojias / /
The road to Heaven is paved with bad intentions.

Re: Desperate help needed

In article

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If you use tables, something like this:


You can have lots of little tables like this for each logo/link pair and
float the tables so they fill up the space efficiently. You can also
manage without more than one big table, just put the pairs in rows. If
you want more than one pair per row, you can do so.

If you don't want tables, also possible but more fiddly. If no one else
tells you, I will come back like Douglas MacArthur.


Re: Desperate help needed

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Thanks, I didn't really want to add all that individual table code,
but your sample is very good.

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