Design Questions (Widths, Rowspan)

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3 specific questions referring primarily to fixed-width columns within
fixed-width tables:

1. For calculating fixed column widths, I found some math online:

cellpadding * columns * 2 + cellspacing * (columns + 1) + borders *
(columns + 1) =
full table width

I would appreciate any feedback as to whether this is correct/reliable.

2. I have heard that leaving one column with width undefined is good
web design practice.  Would someone confirm/refute this claim?

3. What is the best way to specify "rowspan" when you have a column
which continually changes height with updates, and the adjacent column
has a fixed number of rows?  I initially thought that "rowspan=0" would
be correct but it appears this isn't universally supported.

Thanks in advance.


Re: Design Questions (Widths, Rowspan)

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Considering the vagaries of and inconsistencies between various browsers, I
doubt the formula would yield perfect results for all.

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Dunno for sure, but probably not because tables are for tabular data which
most often fully defined.

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Probably the normal way.  You just have to live with the changing height or
design a better page without tables.

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