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Re: Defeating Pop-up stoppers please?

"Bill" McFly says...

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Hello...McFly...Anyone home?

People use pop-up stoppers because they want to stop pop-ups.

I think the better question is:
What's everyone's favorite pop-up stopper?

I use the Google toolbar and it works wonders.

- J

Re: Defeating Pop-up stoppers please?

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I use the Free Pop-Up Stopper from PanicWare.  Suits my needs just
fine.  I especially like the subtle "thwump" sound I've enabled when a
pop-up is stopped.  It's even more satifying when I hear the rapid
fire "thwump thwump thwump" at sites that may have otherwise locked up
my computer.

This whole thread makes me think of the new Do Not Call registry in
the US.  While all this is being hashed out in the courts why would
any company or organization deliberately call a # they know is on the
"do not call" list.  Same thinking goes into why anyone would want to
defeat a pop-up stopper.  Stupid.


Re: Defeating Pop-up stoppers please?

Leslie wrote:

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Please note that I do not subscribe to the ideas that I'm about to pass
along, but here are two beliefs that came up in another group, about the
phone spammers' responses to the DNC registry:  1) they think that many
of the registrants aren't saying they *will not buy* from telemarketers,
only that they don't want to be called; and/or 2) they think that some
of the registrants have registered because they consider themselves *too
weak* to resist the pitches, and they want to not be tempted.

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Re: Defeating Pop-up stoppers please?


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Maybe some of them consider themselves to weak to resist the urge to track
down the bastards who are phoning them, to systematically take out their
individual family members before tying them to a chair, cutting their ear
off, and then dousing them in petrol before waving a Zippo lighter in front
of them!!!

......... really must subscribe to the UK


Nigel Moss.

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Re: Defeating Pop-up stoppers please?

nice.guy.nige wrote:
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It's called the TPS. <

I signed up a year or so ago and it has been very effective.

There are similar lists for Fax, Post and E-mail (although in the case of
E-mail, most spam I get comes from outside the UK anyway)

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