Dealing with tables with no Contents in Cells

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Hi All,

I am currently designing a webpage that can be found at the following

As you can see, one either side of the main content, I am trying to
have the appearance of coloured boxes spread around the left and right
hand side. It does work (at least in Internet Explorer), but I have
the following problems:

1) I am using a fixed height (pixel) attribute, which I do not fully
feel comfortable with. I would like to use 100% height, although
because there is no contents in the cells, the table is very small
from top to bottom - almost invisible.

2) I have tried to put white boxes in the cells around the sides (for
example, the left-most column and top row), but that didn't work to
space it out.

3) I am wary of having such a big table as it means that there is more
information to download.

4) I could turn it into an image, but again, it is alot to download

Do you guys have any idea on how I can overcome this problem?

Thanks in advance,


Re: Dealing with tables with no Contents in Cells

Hi All,

Just an update so nobody wastes their time. I have changes it around a
bit to be a little more efficient, and rather than using extra cells
to space it, I have just made the boxes their own images which means I
only need as many rows as I have boxes.

I still am not 100% happy with the way it is set up - Especially with
the fixed height attribute. I would still appreciate any suggestions,
but my situation isn't as dire, which is a start.



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