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Hello everyone,
How can I make this property: cursor:hand to work on firefox?
If I can't, is there any other way to chainge the pointer of the


Re: cursor:hand


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According to CSS specifications, a browser shall ignore such a setting,
since 'hand' is not an allowed value for the 'cursor' property.

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cursor: pointer

The names are misleading, since the 'cursor' property actually affects the
_pointer_, and the value 'pointer' means that the pointer shape is that of a

Anyway, the cursor property is mostly harmful in the hands of most authors.
It helps to prevent links from looking like links, non-links look like
links, and to create "funny" effects that are fun only if you have nothing
important to do _and_ you haven't seen such a "funny" effect a dozen times.

Jukka K. Korpela ("Yucca")

Re: cursor:hand wrote:
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cursor: pointer; works in FF and IE 6/7. It does not work in IE5,
although cursor: hand; does.

Since cursor: hand; is non-standard and IE5 is no longer widely used,
you should just stick to cursor: pointer; from now on.


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