Current url inside another url

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Ok, here's another problem I was having that I just remembered.  Sorry
to ask two  possibly dumb questions one right behind the other.
Anyways, I use Movable Types version of SSI (<$MTInclude
module="Footer"$> as opposed to <!-- #include file="footer.html" -->)
because it's easier.  In my footer I want to include a link to the w3
validation page of whatever page you happen to be looking at.
Currently I have this link to the validation page of the index in the
footer file.

href=" ">Valid
XHTML 1.0</a>

How can I get the above link to logically work like this...
<a href=" =[current url]">Valid XHTML

I keep running into the problem of the quotation marks around the url.
I tried to use an SSI inside the url but the parser gets confused as to
where the url for the href is suppose to end and where the SSI begins.
Is there a work-around?

Re: Current url inside another url

Once upon a time *teej* wrote:
Quoted text here. Click to load it
href=" ">Valid
Quoted text here. Click to load it

Why can't you just set the url to
<a href=" ">Valid XHTML 1.0</a>

Since the current page is the referer, the validator will validate
that page in question.


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