CSS z-index query

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Hi all,

I am not sure if this is the right forum for this type of question, so I ask
with trepidation...

I have a site (sample at: http://www.kiriath-arba.com/aquiva /) which I am
trying to develop.

The problem I am having is in the positioning of the logo (top left). As it
is on the website, it appears perfectly on IE, but the logo does not appear
on Netscape/Firefox, etc. (Haven't tried Opera yet...too depressed)

The crux of the problem is that the logo image, due to the thin line
dangling down the page means that if I had everything on the same z-index,
then it covers the top line or two of text. to resolve this, I added a
z-index to my stylesheet (http://www.kiriath-arba.com/aquiva/aquiva.css ) and
tried to put the image on z-index: 1 and the body on z-index:2. This did
nothing at all.

After playing around, I discovered that if I made the image z-index: -1,
then it worked on IE, but disappeared completely from Netscape/Firefox

what should I be doing to get the thing working properly? I am getting
somewhat frustrated at what I expected would be a quick and easy. Or is this
merely a limitation to netscape that I'll have to live with?

Thanks in advance

David Russell

Re: CSS z-index query

DavidR@dev.Barloworldoptimus.com says...

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AFAIAA something must be absolutely positioned to have a z-index.
Position .main and give it a z-indexof 2, give .Logo a z-index of 1
(otherwise it hides behind .toplogo).

Does that help?

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No, it looks like it's IE getting it wrong again.

Pete Gray
while ($cat!="home")

Re: CSS z-index query

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Hi Pete

Yes, that does it...I was convinced that I tried that at some stage...but
obviously not...Thanks a stack...

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