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I am trying to set up essentially a frames page with CSS.

I have a header that is 100px in height and spans the whole page. I have
  a left space that is fixed and is 115px wide. And then I want the rest
of my text to fill in the other area.

I created a master div called "body" that I start after the header. In
the "body" div, I have my "left" (The skinny left area) and a "body_add"
div that is suppose to be the rest of the info.

The problem I have is that sometimes a scroll bar shows up on the bottom
of the page to move the text a bit horizontally. I am not sure how to
make this go away. I have set the width of "body_add" to 90%, but I
don't know how accurate this is if the width of "left" is 115 px wide.

Furthermore, I have two monitors on my system. One is 1280*1024 and the
other 1024*768. When I switch my browser (FF) between two windows, the
scroll bar either goes away or shows up, and if I re-fresh the page, the
scroll bar goes away.

Any way to eliminate the scroll bar all together?

The page is http://openoffice.peschtra.com/ooo_tips_tricks.html

Peter Kupfer

Re: CSS Width...

Peter Kupfer schrieb:


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Set the body div to width:100%
The "left" has to float:left; width:115px; as you did.
The "boddy_add" has *only* a margin-left, *no* width and *no* left:140px;.

Take a look at this

and the scroll bar will disappear.


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HTH Ralf

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