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I have some text that I want to add a background-color to so I've got
a span tag with a class defining the following:

border-top:5px solid #65C7C6 ;

which works great if my text all fits on one line however the problem
comes when wrapping the text. I magically lose the border on the next
line which is a tad frustrating.

I've tried wrapping the lot in a p tag with similar css to above as
well as using padding instead of a border.

here is an example of what I'm after:

any one got any ideas?


Re: css text background wrap

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You haven't set any kind of border or padding on the left-hand side: try
"padding-left: 5px;" although I would recommend a more fluid layout using em
or % if at all possible.

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Re: css text background wrap

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that a mistake in my post, the border does go all way around.

on your other point...why would I want to use a fluid layout for this?
I want to add a background to some text that may or may not wrap and
always have the same padding/border even when t goes on to a new
line....I fail to see how changing anything to a % will help!?

thanks though

Re: css text background wrap

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Answered in comp.infosystems.www.authoring.stylesheets. Please don't
multi-post, cross-post if you must.

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