CSS simple question?

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Using CSS I want to center a DIV on the page and always keep it 3px
from the top. Seems simple but I cannot find a cross-browser solution
to this problem. I can get to work in IE or FF but not both w/o
relaxing the 3px from the top constraint. Can someone offer a solution
to this problem?

Re: CSS simple question?

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With out a URL to see what you are doing I will just have to guess
what you code looks like.  So I say you are missing a ":" in the CSS.

Any one else want to take a guess?

Re: CSS simple question?

Travis Newbury wrote:

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Three pixels, eh?
http://www.positioniseverything.net/explorer/threepxtest.html ?

But as you say, Travis, without a URL to the page, everything is a

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Re: CSS simple question?

In article

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I'll bite. If it is a vertical margin, I would say to make sure
you zero margins and paddings, up to but not necessarily as
drastic as

* {margin: 0; padding:0;}

and then set explicit margins and that way you will increase your
chances of browsers behaving similarly.


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