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anyone know how this can be achieved in css?

i have an image e.g.

<img src="image.gif" width="20" height="40" align="absmiddle" alt="" />some

how can i align the text with the absolute middle of the image using only


Re: ? CSS replacing

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absmiddle is not a permitetd value of align in any standard version of
HTML. The permitted values are top, middle, bottom, left and right.

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<p><img src="image.gif" width="20" height="40" style="vertical-align:
middle;" alt="" />some text</p>

From my experiments it looks like vertical-align: middle behaves more
like the non-standard align="absmiddle" than the standard
align="middle", so it seems to be exactly what you want. (Tested in
IE6, Opera 7.23 and Mozilla 1.5, note that in the last two
align="middle" and align="absmiddle" display the same anyway - only IE
clings to the old Netscape 2(?) display).


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