CSS problem in IE7

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I've been trying to use a CSS menu that I found at
http://www.howtocreate.co.uk/tutorials/testMenu.html and it works fine
in Firefox and IE6, but does nothing in IE7. I just took the code from
that website and cut and pasted both the HTML and the CSS into one
file, and saved the IEmen.htc in the same directory. It's online at
http://www.amapro.jp/cgi/index.htm (there's Japanese characters in it,
but the English should display okay). I've been stuck on this for days,
so if anyone could give me even a small hint of what I've messed up,
I'd really appreciate it. I'm quite new to CSS so simple explanations
would be appreciated.
I hope this is an appropriate forum for this question but this group
came up the most when I did a search on "css".

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