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I have the code below. It works not really good, it makes a very intresting
things for me.
The input are should be a blue field, but on WinXP and IE6 it is a yellow
field. If I chang the text "Name" to other text such as "demo" the field
will be blue.
If I write "email" or any text with email such as "demoemail" the field will
be yellow.

What can I do, what is wrong?      (I have to use WinXP and IE6)


<style type="text/css">
.in {
 background-color: #D9E5F0;
 border: 1px solid #333333;
    <form name="InsertForm" method="post" action="">
          <TR><TD>demoemail</TD><TD><input type="text" name="pdw_name"
class="in" id="pdw_name"  size="20" maxlength="35" ></TD></TR>

Re: CSS problem

John M wrote:

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My crystal ball says that you have the Google Toolbar and it is telling you
it can fill the field in automatically.

David Dorward                                       http://dorward.me.uk /

Re: CSS problem

David Dorward said...

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thats come up a few times now. i suppose its too much to ask that
people actually know what the software they install does.

i wonder what would happen if you had a toolbar with a big red button
"delete your hard disk".

probably bankrupt AOL.

28/September/2003 07:34:05 am

Re: CSS problem

"brucie" a écrit :
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SeeSchloß - http://gpu.sourceforge.net

Re: CSS problem

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The css and html codes are correct.
IE6 has set as yellow for the input fields.
Change the input fields the setting of WinXP for IE6.
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