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The CSS and html validates throughout the site, but there is something
badly wrong.

Different browsers, even at the same resolution, cough on the css as you
can see if you visit the site.

Any ideas where I've gone wrong?





Re: css problem

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First thing is selectors like this:

ul.makeMenu li > ul

IE doesn't undestand child selectors and so treats that as

ul.makeMenu li ul

which can have side effects if you nest your lists more than two
levels deep or sometimes have intermediate elements between the li and

If you want IE to ignore those styles altogether chage it to

ul.makeMenu li>ul

IE also doesn't support :hover on anything except <a> elements which
is why your menus won't be dynamic unless you add some JavaScript.

Part of the problem at different resolutions will be down to the fact
that you've set the right column to have a width of 70% and a right
margin of 16em. So where 16em is more than 30% of the page width you
get problems.

And what on earth is
<div align="center">
<font size="+2" color="green">Welcome to all-the-johnsons.co.uk</font>
Shouldn't that be a h1 with appropriate CSS?


Re: css problem

I don't know what's wrong - it looks OK in Firefox, but we know firefox
is tons more compliant than any browser out there. I had a question for
you on the nav scheme. I love the popups! Tips on how to do that are
appreciated, if you don't mind sharing.


Paul F. Johnson wrote:
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