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Re: CSS Not What I Thought It Would Be

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... oh and I forgot to add that it is exquisite that a former
Bush voter should so love facts, not because Bush gets his right,
but rather because it shows a propensity of The Right.

(I can't explain this further here because I cannot risk Steve
Pugh asking me what I am on again... see what he said to me 18
years ago!)

You remind me of Dr. Johnson in your liking facts:




Re: CSS Not What I Thought It Would Be

On Fri, 3 Mar 2006, Tim Milstead wrote:

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Tables are fine for presenting information which is tabular by nature.

What's wrong with (mis)using tables for layout is that tables persist
in "working" no matter /how/ inappropriate they may be to the
presentation situation.

The great thing about CSS is that - used well - it can either assist
(e.g by allowing stuff to float above or below when there's no room
for it at the side), or indeed get calmly and quietly out of the way,
when it's inappropriate to a particular display situation, while doing
a beautiful job in the situations that the designer meant it for.

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And the results tended to be so much clumsier, when the browsing
situation varied just a bit too far from what the designer thought was

On the other hand, CSS is potentially so much more powerful that, when
used badly, it can produce a royal screw-up far worse that the worst
abuses of tables - but that's not the fault of CSS itself, but of the
way some folks attempt to apply it in the general WWW context.  And
then there are browser bugs, but (aside from the operating system
component that thinks it knows better than to conform to mandatory
requirements of the specifications) that is all so much better

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