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there: http://test.rowik.net/css/hc/demo.php (http://test.rowik.net /

i know this is all easy for you but ive been playing with this for
hours. i want to make the design have an height of 100% page, that
means no main scrolling, but only local scrolling (like you already
see, i made temporarily 400px height so it overflows)

i also lost my 1em padding at the bottom... how come?

* please tell me what to change and explain why so I can learn and not
just copy...
* CSS and HTML all valid at w3c validator

thanks so much

Re: CSS noob question

On Mon, 16 Apr 2007 00:55:44 GMT Jo9100 scribed:

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This is just a _cursory_ observation.

You may need to use overflow:hidden; on body (and perhaps html, too,) and
any padding, margins, or borders added to height:100%; makes that height
_more than_ 100%.

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