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hi all!

I have a system, where there is a CSS sheet somewhere, but in 2 case
I'd liek to override that as e.g. here. I used my onw system until now,
but this one does not allow me to change the font size. I'd like a
large haeder (size 4).
How do I overcome this?

I have this:

  <td><b><font size=4>some header line!</font></b></td>
  <td VALIGN=TOP><P ALIGN=right ><font size=1>Version 1.0.1</font></td>

Being new to soem parts of this system, what exactly is colspan (<td
colspan=12) ?`


Re: CSS - new things for me

Sonnich wrote:

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CSS has higher precident then presentational markup. If an element has
a style and some presentational attribute, the style will win.

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A size 4 font is not a header, its just a big font. And is obsolete in
the face of CSS 1 (which is just a few months off being a decade old).

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If it is a header then the markup should be:
  <th>some header line!</th>

It is a table header not table data, and boldness and font size are
presentational (and should be handled in the stylesheet).

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http://www.w3.org/TR/html4/index/attributes.html is a handy index of
all attributes in HTML 4.

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