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Whilst developing a little project I was required to builder a menu
system for wordpress, I want this system to be easy to style because
it would be used over a large number of sites. After a little research
I decided to use just CSS 2 menu technique "Suckerfish Dropdowns" to
turn nested lists into a working menu and limit the use of JavaScript.

I am looking for some talented css artistes to help me develop a small
style archive that can be used with the Wordpress plugin. The style
archive will also be compatible with non wordpress sites by use of the
Suckerfish Dropdowns technique.

If you would like to contribute to this project and share your menu
with the rest of the community, just drop me an email with the .css
file and ill add it to the list. (you will be given full credit for
your menu)

Find out more at http://www.ozblog.com.au/?cat=12

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