CSS: left menu: constraints

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my aim is to create left menu which heigth is on one page (for example  =

I do not want that menu (it's black color) to grow below first page.

my css file:
     float: left;
     background: url('HOMEPAGEpublic/images/background.gif') 0 0 repeat-=
     width: 192px;
     height: 500px;
     background: #5a5c5c;
     background: #fff url('HOMEPAGEpublic/images/lmBottom.jpg') -1px 0  =

     height: 11px;
     width: 192px;
     float: left;
     margin-top: -9px;
     position: relative;

<div id=3D"left">                            =

                  some  text, some rows
<div id=3D"endLeftMenu"></div>

The problem is that when my page is large (in the center of page i have =
a  =

lot of data),
this menu (it's black color) is extended to the bottom of the page.
How to prevent it ? (i want mennu only on the first page).


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