CSS Firefox vs Opera problem

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I've got a small css based menu:

And it works fine in MIE and Opera, but not in FireFox.
In FF the menu jumps about 10 px down and i can't find the mistake.
Anyone can?


Re: CSS Firefox vs Opera problem


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I can't find that 10px, but can see you have many more problems than just that.  
Your design relies havily on pixel precision. If I make my window narro enough,  
your menu wraps and end up overlapping the content for example. There are some  
major subjects you might want to rethink. One of them is to let go of the  
concept that a page will show up in all browsers looking exactly the same. That  
is impossible and will never happen. And it doesn't really matter, since allmost
none of your visitors will see your pages with more than one browser anyway.

Look for liquid or fluid design at Google  
There are more issues, like the fixed font size. I wrote an article on that  
subject (in Dutch), not long ago,  
<http://home.wanadoo.nl/b.de.zoete/_private/2004/12/pennenstrijd.html , that  
might be of help in understanding a bit more on that subject.
Also, for the <!--[if IE]> bit, you need to specify just those styles that have  
to be different from the styles for all other browsers. All that redundancy in  
code is not necessary and complicates things.
Finally, using 'display:none;' is not a good idea. Google this group for reasons
why. Better use what Neal suggested recently (I don't seem to have that post in  
my archives anymore, so please Google your self).

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Re: CSS Firefox vs Opera problem

While sitting in a puddle Ang Talunin scribbled in the mud:

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You might want to fix a few errors. That may or may not fix your bug

In your css, left needs to be 10px or ex or something not just 10.

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