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can an element in code have a class(es) and an ID?

for example i have made a static page that uses a top div that is
"fixed" across the top of the page.

The CSS defaults to the external one for all browsers, but then checks
for IE 6 and 7 and makes certain adjustments to make them render right.

I have a class that I use on to style identical div tags across the

For example there are 6 div tags in total, but because the first one
comes before the title element, it needs some special formatting and is
stored as an ----> ID <----- namely:

#twod  <----------- set as ID because it's a unique instance in the
    height:356px; <------------- unique
    background-color:#330066;   <-------- in another class .dark
    color:#FFFFFF; <--------- in another class .dark
    margin:0 0 0 0; <---------- in another class .otherdiv
    padding:87.5px 0 0 0;   <------------------ unique

they are the only two unique properties of this div from the other 5
which i just use a ----> class <------ for.

 however this div does have some other properties, but they are all
replicated elswhere. As I said I use an ID for the first div as its
only used once and is a unique element so its good practice to make it
an ID.

I just wanted to make it more elegant by actually taking use of the
cascading side of things.

I know I can apply multiple classes as I do in the page with <div
class="otherdive dark">content</div>

the question is can I use that but then apply the unique settings of
the ID?

for example <div class="otherdiv dark" id="twod">? this is simply so I
can re-use classes. It works really well as it is, but I want to be
able to take use of the recycling of code.

Is it possible I could change "twod" to a class and have <div
class="otherdiv dark twod">?
or will this break things?

any comments are appreciated

p.s. I am only an amateur so please forgive my mistakes as I am still
learning the whole web development thing.


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Yes, you can do all that with impugnity.

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