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Re: Trust (was CSS Button Designer)

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Not to mention, that an HTA is essentially open source software.
You can open it in an editor and study it all you want; to see
what it is attempting to do. The same certainly, can't be said
for a compiled executable. (Well, certainly not with any ease).

I like the concept of an hta for the very use it has been
employed for here with Joe's CSS Button widget. I don't have to
go to the website or try to mirror all the pieces locally. The
web-based application becomes a local application.

Rob McAninch

Re: Trust (was CSS Button Designer)


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Except that it isn't.  It's "open source" parameters to a control that
you have no more knowledge of than an opaque executable.

Re: Trust (was CSS Button Designer)

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Well from what I can see an HTA is a HTML page with the extension
changed to .hta, then it gets rendered in an IE shell and *may*
have some additional privelges a web application wouldn't have.

Any HTA specific bits that I see only dictate how the HTA looks
and acts, there are no commands in the traditional sense. All the
commands occur in the plain text files where they can be
examined. Unless a compiled executable gets integrated with the
HTA, in which case, as stated, the HTA is like any other
downloaded executable and it will execute with the priveleges of
the current user.

I haven't picked apart the entire CBD but I don't see anything
that isn't plain text.

Rob McAninch

Re: Trust (was CSS Button Designer)

I agree. That´s  one of the reasons why I prefer not to use Active-x
controls whenever it is possible.
By the way, I guess that you get the message which you quoted above if you
use standard security level for your zone in your browser and/or  firewalls.
If you choose a high level you prevent Active-X controls from running, as
far as I know, but in that case it may happen that the browser does not
display the page correctly.
If you choose a low security level you let the Active-X controls run but
you take the chance that the owner/s of the site ,  runs/run a malicious
code and he/she/they
 takes/take control of your computer, doesn´he or she or they?

Luigi Donatello Asero
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 我 是 欧洲人

Re: CSS Button Designer

Deciding to do something for the good of humanity, Joe Barta
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Not necessarily. On images, a blank title attribute may be desirable, as
it will stop IE from displaying the alt text as a tooltip.

Mark Parnell
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Re: CSS Button Designer

Joe Barta wrote :
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I wonder why you did not present your CSS widget in a CSS newsgroup.
Wasn't this the logical thing to do for a "CSS Button Designer" web

It's a tool for applying
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Half of the whole page is covered with ads. And I'm not even mentioning
the unrequested popup served by media.fastclick.net/w/safepop.cgi here

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1- HTTP Charset

You have character encoding problems in your file; your server sends it
as utf-8 but, on line 10, you did not use characters which were encoded
as utf-8. It looks like you were not aware of the fact that your server
was sending your webpages encoded as utf-8.

2- Doctype declaration

Your document uses no doctype declaration. And your website
pagetutor.com gives HTML tutorials??

3- Markup code

If I choose HTML 4.01 strict and iso-8859-1 (Western) for the encoding


193 errors.

I see that you're definitely not a model of avoiding deprecated elements
and attributes used for presentational purposes. align attribute is
specified 54 times; spacer.gif (aka empty.gif) 11 times; all kinds of
deprecated markup attributes (hspace,  BACKGROUND, etc..

4- CSS code

This is how well you did with CSS code:


53 errors. 257 warnings. Don't you ever check your page with a validator
and then tell you yourself that you should fix these errors?

On top of that, your widget itself refuses all/any of the 17 reserved
keyword names for colors in CSS. So your widget does not comply with CSS

If this widget was targeted toward browsers capable of rendering CSS,
then why did you resort to deprecated HTML attributes so often? Why not
*_use CSS_*? <shrug>

5- Javascript

I get all kinds of warnings about undeclared variables regarding your
page, a missing closing }, etc. etc.. Don't you ever look at a
javascript console to correct errors when you do a js-driven web
application?? to improve efficiency of your scripts? to increase your
browser audience? to reduce number of possible problems which may/could
occur, which you may not notice at first??

6- Accessibility

None, I repeat, none of your 22 text/radio/checkbox inputs use a single
HTML 4 label. No accesskey either. 0 label and accesskey. Your CSS code
uses repeatedly fixed, absolute font size. Your markup code uses on
nested tables. You use HREF="#". All of this is widely known to reduce

Your webpage is not scalable; instead it's more of a rigid, unflexible
page. You over-declare classes and over-define CSS rules, but that's
typical of over-constrained page layout and tables-based design used for
layout. You also use an awful lot of document.write() within the first
load of the page... which is suspicious.

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You write HTML tutorials and you were capable of writing such file?

Your page, widget, etc.. sucks. There. Fair and square.

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Re: CSS Button Designer

Grard Talbot wrote:

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Fair enough. Thank-you for your input.

Joe Barta

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