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Hi Group,

I'm very new to CSS so please be gentle!

I'm starting a blog in reference to my World of Warcraft adventures and I'm
using a default blog theme that I'm hacking to pieces in Dreamweaver. If you
take a look at http://www.brightonbreaks.co.uk/blog/ you can see the start
of something that I hope will evolve into something interesting etc etc.

However, the theme I'm using is obviously CSS based (kudos to Douglas Bowman
@ www.stopdesign.com) and I'm having some issues with the code. What I want
to achieve is the background to dynamically resize in all browsers at all
resolutions. It's been a while since I used HTML or even looked at CSS and I
was wondering how this can be achieved.

I'm running a resolution of 1280 x 960 and the bg image is 800 x 600. It
appears to be short off the bottom by an inch or which makes sense. Would I
have to increase the size of the bg image and then force a shrink for any
browsers that are running at a lesser res?

TIA for any help / pointers.

Re: CSS Background

On Mon, 13 Jun 2005 17:14:00 +0100, "moif"

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You can't  (practically, or with CSS alone).

Set the background colour to be an innocuous colour lifted from the
    background-color: #006600;

maybe set the "real" background image to be left-aligned rather than
centred (probably not necessary in this example though), and just let a
solid colour border fill in the gaps .

Or else do something clever with aligning the horizons on each side and
then change
    background-repeat: no-repeat;
    background-repeat: repeat-x;
for an infinitely wide forest

If you want to be clever (always risky) place your "real" background
unrepeated into a <div> that you use for content and have the background
of the <body> replaced by a repeating image of simple sky/grass/horizon.

Now given the target audience, they're going to have broadband and big
screens. So 100k for a bgimage isn't out of line. But for normal web
use, compress the hell out of it and get it under 25k.

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It's actually 1024 x 768 - that should be plenty big enough, just with a
mid-green canvas to it.

Re: CSS Background

Andy Dingley wrote:
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Hey great, thanks for all the advice! Defiantely some things there for me to
chew over. Oh and the BG is being reduced to a gif as we speak.

Thanks again.

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