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I'm trying to remove frames from www.brainbashers.com and am in the process
of re-writing the puzzle page which currently has as frame with a top and
bottom, the top has the questions and the bottom has the answers.

I've changed it to have a hidden div below each puzzle which has the answer,
this is shown/hidden when the link is clicked. If javascript is off, then
the link works as a normal link and goes to a new page.


Which works in all CSS browsers (as far as I can determine anyway). BUT, for
non CSS compliant (and particularly WebTV), the answers are visible by
default - which rather defeats my object.

How can I do this for non-css browsers? Ideally I don't want to test for
individual browsers. I've tried to have the answers at the very bottom of
the page (say 10000 pixels down) and then moving them up by javascript, but
I'm unable to move the following puzzle away whilst the current answer is
being viewed.

All ideas will be gratefully received.



Re: CSS and WebTV - hiding DIVs

In alt.html  Kevin Stone said:

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i would do a complete redesign.

index page with a bit of intro babble and a bit of babble about each
puzzle and a link to the puzzle.

one puzzle per page.

answer link takes you to another separate page with the answer

or (my preference)

answer link takes you to the server where the answer is added to the
page below the puzzle with the page then sent back to the visitor.

visitor says "doh! i should have got that one"

everybody is happy, works for all browsers.
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i have none

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