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Hello Everyone,

I am back after an exam. I am trying to develop a poetry page, an
example of which can be seen here:


Some images need to be polished for a better and smoother look, however,
the skeleton, as I feel will remain the same. A bunch of footer-links
have to be placed as well.

Someone told that PhP can be used to automatically generate pages. I
don't know much of PhP, but after I read a few lessons from Perl, I used
the techniques there to make an "automatic" page-generator (with command
line interface). I need to input the desired output HTML file name,
image file in *the strange* language, title of the page, keywords,
contents, and fav.ico file from a list.

Right now, am thinking of adding an automatic hyperlink on a main-page
based on what file-name I give.

Is there a better way to do this? I am happy since it took less than 2
hrs to do this stuff. And the concept will remain nearly the same,
regardless of how complicated I make the interface (as to what has to be
put in the main page).

Best regards,

PS: One crib is that I need to upload the final files, unlike what a PhP
based page can do. CGI may come to rescue. Are there tools to convert a
perl script to an (efficient) CGI one?

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Animesh Kumar wrote:


Is this heavily Off-Topic here? Any other forums to take this matter?

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