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Re: css

Hi Steve,

Friday March 24 2006, Steve Pugh writes to Gufus:

 > From: steve.grumpy@gmail.com
 > would normally be taken as meaning that it was slack of him
 > not to have used the validator.

Okay, so I misunderstood...

Not a big deal!


... I'm not a real sysop, I just play one on TV.

Re: css

Hi dorayme,

Saturday March 25 2006, dorayme writes to Gufus:

 > From: doraymeRidThis@optusnet.com.au
 > Try this. Just once. Just to humour us. Don't gate Fidonet
 > to Internet. Don't edit with Golded, don't toss with Squish
 > and don't convert anything, especially not with Soupgate.

I'll reply twice to this message dorayme, once via Fido, and the other from my
server using a Win 32bit newsreader. And both will use the same *.sig.

This is the gated message from Fido.

K. Klement


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Re: css

Gufus wrote:
Quoted text here. Click to load it

Well then either use Win 32bit newsreader, or not and risk the
irritation of Usenet!

Take care,

Re: css

Monday March 27 2006, Jonathan N. Little writes to Gufus:

 > From: lws4art@centralva.net
 > Well then either use Win 32bit newsreader, or not and risk
 > the irritation of Usenet!

Thanks Jonathan, enjoyed this thread.

 > -+- SoupGate-Win32 v1.05
 >  + Origin: Calgary Organization CDN Fidonet-Internet Gateway
 > (1:134/77.10)

K. Klement


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