critique my site please

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Hi, anyone kind enough to critique my site?

I am a hobbiest created my 1st website for my business.
I have been slowly working on it for many months
Please feel free to give comments and suggestions.
(suggestion on SEO welcome)
Thank you.

Re: critique my site please

On 2008-10-18, wrote:
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   Much of the type is too small for me to read. The home page is
   barely readable, apart from the links on the right, which are much
   too small.

   The page requires horizontal scrolling when my window is 800px wide
   or less.

   Chris F.A. Johnson, webmaster         <
   Shell Scripting Recipes: A Problem-Solution Approach (2005, Apress)

Re: critique my site please wrote:
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Yes, but you might find more people willing to do it (or people more
willing to do it) at alt.html.critique.

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Then you've achieved a lot. The site has a good basic look. Did you use
a template to start form?

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Speaking of slow, the Number One problem about the site, if you want a
criticism, is that the pages render mind-bogglingly slowly. My PC's CPU
is not being used at particularly high levels, so I don't know what the
problem is. But any page view, be it a click on a link from one page to
another or just swapping over from, say, my newsreader, but also a
single notch of text-resizing causes a delay of about 2 seconds minimum
before there's even a sign of response.

This is all with FF2 and JS turned off.

Maybe it's the number of stylesheets (I don't know; this is just a
guess). The Home page lists eighteen (18!) stylesheet links. Of course,
a few of those are just duplications. Also, overlay1none.css,
overlay3none.css,and overlay4none.css appear to be three identical
files, just with different file and id names. You don't really need
that, do you? What are they for?

Since I'm in the source, I'll point to the use of XHTML and say bad
things (but leave it to somebody else to explain why it's an unnecessary
complication), and mention that your page (Home, at least) has some bad
div-itis. Your page header (I mean the <h1> text) is nested in divs
eight levels deep. And aha! There are those funny overlay ids again.

In addition to all those external stylesheets, there are some embedded
styles. They're wedged in the middle of the div#content block where they
don't belong. (But then there are also a bunch of inline styles, too, as
well as inline-styled spans that have no content that needs styling.)
Clean it up! (I wish I had some of those red pills for your Web site, so
you could see where your brushing was incomplete. :-)  )

I get the impression you downloaded a template or somebody's styling
package from somewhere, but aren't really using a bunch of it. There are
many selectors with no rules, and a bunch of comments in the CSS (like
/* Chameleon CSS for RW 3.6 */) which make me wonder if you need all
this. Actually, I wonder whether you understand all of this stuff, since
you're just a hobbyist and, well, yikes, there're a lot of styles here.

What if we critique your site and suggest something, like, say, making
the nav items larger (I agree with Chris; they're too small to read by
default). How long will it take you to find the thing that needs
tweaking? I know *I* wouldn't want to have to maintain a site with all
this styling.

I suggest you start trimming both the markup and CSS. If you do it
step-wise, you'll have the added benefit of learning about the effects
of the individual items (in case you don't actually already know).

Great first steps before even asking for critiques or when trying to
solve display problems: Validate the code. for markup for CSS.

The AboutUs.html has some link problems on it.

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Well, I didn't look at the SEO aspects much. I think it's really
important to fix the other things first before worrying about SEs not
indexing you. At the current responsiveness I'm seeing, you don't *want*
people coming to your site. ;-)

Mark up paragraphs as <p>, replace <br /> elements with margin styling
in CSS, extract the inline and embedded CSS to an external stylesheet,
clean out the other extraneous markup, throw out the extraneous CSS (and
kill all references to duplicate CSS files). Consolidate the CSS, too.
Validate it all, then come back here (or alt.html.critique).

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When I first saw the URL, I thought it was some Greek guy's dental site.
Who is this guy Nick Coronakids? <g>

Why does Dr. Robert get a page but Dr. Lan doesn't? They're both listed
on the AboutUs.html page. Doesn't she have any actual credentials? ;-)

GL with the site. HTH.

Possessive "its" has no apostrophe. Even on the Internet.

Re: critique my site please

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Not slow here at the bottom of the world. But by the time I get to posts
from the top of the world, things might have changed. You all might have
the decency to wait 12 hours before replying to anything so that I can
follow what is current instead of stale.

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I would bets quids on it (especially US Dollars at the moment)

Quoted text here. Click to load it

Perhaps the OP is listening to you and Chris and has done something
because all is not tiny now. Certainly not the body text.

Quoted text here. Click to load it

I endorse this. btw, if OP finds my endorsements here at all helpful,
please consider giving me major concessions on dental care, you might
well be cheaper than my own dentist, even given a flight to west coast
of USA.

Quoted text here. Click to load it

I endorse this. (One free clean?)

But remember, trimming and simplicity is not easy if working off a
template made by others without understanding what is what. OP might
indicate what other pages he might ever have made by hand alone? (My
acknowledgement and understanding of OP's situation might deserve a free
refilling should the need arise?)


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