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coding, design, layout, etc. no links work, this is just the template
for the rest of it.
thank you! /

Re: critique homepage

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I don't usually do critiques because people get narked when they get
told it's crap.  Yours is great - it's excellent.  Feel free to look at
my sites to see if my opinion qualifies as I couldn't design my way out
of a wet paper bag.

The only criticisms I have are:
 it's knackered when the browser window is less than
 800x600 (there's a tiny horizontal scrollbar at that
 resolution, too).

 the grey bars on the right-hand boxes look incomplete.
 Either make them shorter or run the green border around
 them so that they look attached to the boxes.

I'd also add standard links to the six top links so that non-JS enabled
visitors can get to a site map.

I'm sure people will grumble about the JS menus, but I like them.

Hope you're not offended.  If you are, I'm sure you'll get over it.

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Re: critique homepage

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It does not work with javascript turned off.  

Adrienne Boswell
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Re: critique homepage

Adrienne wrote:

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It also does not work when the text size is increased.

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Re: critique homepage

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alt="" on every image. So site is totally broken when images are not

Font sizes specified in pixels. So text can not be resized in Windows

Links with href="javascript:;". Which suggests that even when the
links are added in they won't actually work unless the user has
JavaScript enabled.

Fixed width design.

So that's at least four major issues to resolve.


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Re: critique homepage

murmur wrote:
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No offense, but that's awful:
Abuse of tables.
Fixed-width design.
Breaks if Javascript is disabled or not supported.
Breaks if images are disabled, or not supported.
Breaks if text size is changed.
Use of px for font size.

Re: critique homepage

thanks for comments.

-can you explain the 'abuse of tables' part? I don't understand that.
l-inks will function with or without javascript, so that will not be a
problem (just no dropdown menu). They are not linked currently.
-I've fixed the text-sizing issue, and set ALT tags
-what resolution are you viewing at, so that the graphic text is so small?

any comments on the design/layout?

Leif K-Brooks wrote:

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