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Everybody knows and uses Craigslist, but I find their
tendency toward censorship in their discussion groups
and even in their classifieds to be just astonishing.
I have seen fruitful, intelligent discussions simply
disappear for no good reason whatsoever, not just
occassionally but on a daily basis. I wish they would take
a tip from Google and "don't be evil". Unfortunately
they are popular. Indeed everyone in the corporate
media seems to be rushing to praise them and gushing
with accolades. And yet, is the experience actually
so great? I find it sucks, quite frankly, which frustrates
because it is rapidly becoming the only game in town
for some things.

Main problems with Craigslist:

1. constant inappropriate censorship in the forums,
where any view that's different from moderators'
is labelled "spam", and reasonable posts are deleted.

2. try buying or selling something in the classifieds
and you discover your inbox filled with genuine spam
from Nigeria but very few actual interested parties.

3. essentially it seems that ever since CL was
bought out by corporations (including Ebay) they've
become just downright mean.

4. for some things, unfortunately, the critical mass of
people mainly go to Craigslist because it
has the most ads. They're like Ebay.

Re: Craigslist sucks

This is the first negative thing I've heard about CL.
Personally I think its great, and have bought and sold
lots of stuff there. The only problem is flakes that say
they will show up, but never do and don't bother
to call. Thats not the fault of CL though.

Since I started using CL, I have cut way back on fleabay.


Re: Craigslist sucks


Check out the list of newsgroups:, alt.html,
and misc.consumers.frugal-living.

Also, many of the points in the article are wrong.  I won't
argue about them, because that would be just what they're
trying to accomplish with this obvious troll.  I will suggest,
though, that anyone interested in the topic should check the

   - Logan

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