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I've seen varied opinions on having a counter on a web page.  Not personal web
pages but others like business pages.  The only bad thing I see really about
having a counter on the web page is that the counter may be un-reliable - you
could have like a million visits to your site but something happens to the
counter and it goes back to 1 (or worse yet 0!)

I'm just curious as to what some of you think about having counters on web

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Re: Counters?

what does "trolling" mean?

Re: Counters?

On 16 Aug 2003 05:43:56 GMT, roseb441702@aol.comnospam (Roseb441702)

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Most members of the collective group-think will tell you that hit
counters look "unprofessional" without giving an intelligent reason
for this opinion. As an individual in charge of his own mind, I don't
see anything wrong with them.

Re: Counters?

Are you talking about one of those counters that displays the count right on
the page, or 3rd party stats?

I'd never put the actual page count right on the page. If the site is good but
has a low count, that kills your credibility.

Use server side stats if your host has them.

Use something like Extreme Tracking for free detailed stats.

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