Could someone please critiqe my site?

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Re: Could someone please critiqe my site?

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Initial thoughts:

(a) I can't re-size the text or the window

(b) The homepage uses internal frames for no apparent good reason. Won't
work on older browsers i.e. Netscape 4.75 -- the other pages do, so it
seems a shame that the homepage can't. Suggest you drop the use of

(c) If you're going to use all-numeric dates, it' probably best to use
the iso8601 standard ..... YYYY-MM-DD

(d) Better if the <title> on each page reflected its contents

(e) The drop-shadow on the navigation seems a bit overdone .. a little
more subtler would be better.

(f) Speaking of navigation, it would be nice to provide a link directly
to the body of the page as the first thing on the page, so that people
with page readers or voice browsers don't have to sit through the
navigation each time

(g) *All* your <IMG> tags should have a valid ALT= entry

(h) Put some thought into the structural mark-up of each page so that
people can navigate by headings. Some pages have a single <h3>, some
have a <h1> plus several <h3>s -- but no <H2>s, etc.

(i) It might be useful to have the minutes available in HTML form, so
that people can read them there and then, rather than having to download
them into Word or whatever.

(j) Out of interest, where's the pointer to the Cymraeg version?

Like I say, just a few initial thoughts.


Re: Could someone please critiqe my site?

Quoted text here. Click to load it

<script language="JavaScript">
This seems a bit lacking in the full definition for older browser

<title>News</title> , News of / about what?

Scrolling message, does not work in all browsers.

No non-English language version.

Does the use of internal frames _target not suggest use of the
frameset doctype?

Turn off Images and view page again, the top logo and 1st title bar
just say 'image' in Opera and nothing in IE.

Drop shadow is too much.

In the CSS,
Using pt in font sizes.

H3 {font-family:courier new;
The compound names should be "courier new"


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