copy of CRIT from ADG

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this has been posted on ADG before posting here has been online for around 6 months and tho we're
featured prominently on the search engines we have a relativeley low

anyone care to comment on the site and/or speculate as to what
features/services/improvements can be made to make the site better?

For a starter we're taking product off the home page, it seems that people
arent going beyond this one page and we want them to venture further, we
also plan to add a section of unique pieces we're creating in house and have
some casestudies for the commissions pages.

All help would be appreciated.

p.s. I thought i knew about ecommerce until i started this project.

Re: copy of CRIT from ADG

mark | r wrote:
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I don't think the white background does the jewelry justice. The
low-contrasting text color doesn't help that "washed out" look.

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Re: copy of CRIT from ADG

kchayka wrote:
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Aha. You said it, and I thought it when looking at the page.
Jewellery ... Jewelry ...  both are in the dictionary but jewellery is
so rare I almost thought it was a misteak. My Thunderbird speelchiker
doesn't like jewellery either.

Maybe it's regional.

    -This space intentionally left blank.

Re: copy of CRIT from ADG

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Yes, it's one of those US / Rest of the World spelling differences -
remember this site is UK based.


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