cool drop down/ pop up list without script?

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Is it possible to create cool drop down/ popu menus without using java,
javascript, flash, vbscript or anything other than HTML?

Re: cool drop down/ pop up list without script?

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No.  HTML is static and cannot do anything interactive without some kind
of scripting, whether it be javascript on the client, or server side
script on the server.

With that said, please remember that some users have client side
technologies turned off because of pop-ups, viruses, etc.  Some visitors
do not have them at all, like your most important visitor, Googlebot.  
So, when you are developing something, keep those people/bots in mind.  
The site should be accessible and navigble without those technologies,
and they should only be used for enhancement.

As far as server side script, be aware that the server is unaware of what
is going on the client side, so don't think that a VB msgbox is going to
work on the client.  Also be sure to validate any input from the user
server side, don't rely on client side javascript.

Adrienne Boswell
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Re: cool drop down/ pop up list without script?

code_wrong wrote:
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Yes, in real browsers you can use HTML and CSS to create accessible
dynamic menu. Since the dumb IE does not support :hover pseudo-class on
anything but anchors, it would need a bit of JScript to rectify the


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