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Hello again all,

       Ok, I create a cookie on a page that is at the deepest level of
the entire site.  I put path="/" in the cookie so it should be
accessible by a higher level correct?  But it isn't.  When I update
the "data" cookie, do I have to reset the path again?  I haven't used
cookies so this is all new to me.  I have checked it out online but I
haven't found any good resources yet.  Can anyone explain my problem?



SOLUTION FOUND Re: Cookies Not Available On Other Pages

And now it is working...  Sigh...

Don't you hate it when you do one thing many different ways and it
doesn't work...  Then, you try it again three days later and it works
fine?  Then of course, in three days it isn't going to work again.
Why oh why did I get into computers.....

Thanks all...

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