Converting from table to div

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I'm trying to convert my psychopathic tables/iframe layout (see ) to a (more zen like) div/css
layout (see .)

I can't resolve the following:

1. I would like a ul/li sub menu in a left column from top to bottom of
content. Contrast the (zen like) One/Two/Three/Four list and the
(psychopathic) list of products. I'd prefer not to use a table.

2. I would like fly-over backgrounds of the ul/li main menu at the top
to all have the same width, regardless of text length, like it is done
with psychopathic layout. I must be missing something simple here.

3. Using FF, there is space (a margin or padding or something?) at the
top of each product div that is not there in IE. I can't find the source
of this, although I'd bet that even though IE does what I want - it's
not doing it correctly.

4. Using FF, the custom background image for the ul/li inside the
product div has unwanted space to the left. IE does what I want, however



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